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Professional Bed Bug Inspection Services You Can Rely On. Completely Free

If you are concerned you may have a bed bug problem, we offer free bed bug inspections in Larkspur. We offer same day service in your area. We offer free bed bug inspections for residential homes and commercial properties. The number of bed bug infestations reported across the United States has risen to record levels.  

How Much Does a Bed Bug Inspection Cost in Larkspur or Denver, CO?

Inspection costs can vary from area to area but typically range from $100 to $500, depending on the detection method.  We offer free bed bug inspections in Larkspur and same day service.

What Will Your Bed Bug Inspector Look For?

Your professional bed bug inspector will typically begin in the bedroom thoroughly inspect your bedding, mattress corners, headboards, nearby electrical outlets, and other small spaces where they are known to hide. They will work out from the bedroom, determining how far the bed bugs have reached in your home.

Free Bed Bug Inspection For Denver and Larkspur, CO Residential & Commercial Properties

Bed bugs spread diseases such as Lyme disease and cause great harm to children and pets. We understand that family safety is vital so every bed bug control service we perform is of the highest caliber and 100% safe for pets and humans. We offer cost-effective, personalized bed bug extermination that you can rely on to have your home or property free of bed bugs. We are fast, professional, and highly experienced. Schedule your bed bug extermination We know the telltale signs of a bed bug infestation and will perform a top to bottom free bed bug inspection so you can know for certain what you’re dealing with.

Call us today. We offer Same Day Service in Denver & the Larkspur area.
If you schedule your bed bug inspection through us, there is no charge. We make bed bug inspections painless and easy. Call 888-977-2847

Larkspur Bed Bug Extermination Services You Can Trust

A comprehensive free bed bug inspection will help to determine the severity of your situation and help us to find the best course of action. Get a thorough and professional free bed bug inspection by a certified bed bug exterminator to know for certain if you are at risk of a bed bug infestation.

Save $100. Call (888) 977 –  2847 to schedule your inspection.

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