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Schedule your free bed bug inspection and sleep easy tonight. There is a lot of myth surrounding bed bugs. One is their bite. It is actually very difficult to know you have been bitten unless you have already seen other tell-tale signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs secrete an anesthetic that numbs the bite area, making their feeding mostly undetectable until days later when red bumps begin to show. The red spots are itchy and typically appear in clusters. If the person who is bitten is allergic to bed bugs, there can be dangerous reactions that require immediate medical attention. Bed bugs can also carry Lyme Disease, which is very harmful to humans. Don’t take the risk. Contact us today and keep your home bed bug free. We offer many bed bug treatment options for every situation. Financing is available. Ask for details. If you have general pest control for termites or other pesky invaders, we can help with that as well.

Bed Bug Inspection & Detection

If you are considering a bed bug inspection, here’s what you can expect during the inspection and pricing for the various professional detection methods. There are any factors that contribute to the cost of your inspection. Schedule your free inspection today and know you are protected.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Look for fecal stains or fecal matter left behind.
  • Discarded or molted shells or dead bed bug carcasses.
  • Bed bug eggs will be hidden in cracks, crevices, and among fecal matter.
  • Live bed bugs, adults will be the size of an apple seed.

Think You May Have Bed Bugs?

The important thing is to get a professional inspection early so you save yourself the disastrous experience of bed bugs taking over your home and daily life. If you act early and fast, the bed bug infestation can be stopped before it spreads wildly out of control. This parasitic bug breeds and spreads quickly so every day is crucial and saves you time and money. Your professional bed bug inspector will typically begin in the bedroom thoroughly inspect your bedding, mattress corners, headboards, nearby electrical outlets, and other small spaces where they are known to hide. They will work out from the bedroom, determining how far the bed bugs have reached in your home. Inspection costs can vary from area to area but typically range from $100 to $500, depending on the detection method. If you schedule your inspection through us, there is no charge. We make bed bug inspections painless and easy.